What to do….What to do…

I want to get some feedback on this one…What do you think Lebron James is GOING to do and what do you think he SHOULD do?  PERSONALLY, being from Miami and loving the Heat, I want Lebron in Miami.  Thats just me with some wishful thinking and I think it is possible since the Heat have a lot of money.  On the other hand, I think that Lebron is going to stay in Cleveland.  Thats his home town.  Isnt it every athletes dream to play for their home town team?  I keep hearing people saying that he will never win the title in Cleveland, but get serious, he can win anywhere he goes, the only problem is that the Lakers are very strong and hard to beat.  I agree that he is going to need a lot better supporting cast, but that is possible because all the Cavs want to do is make Lebron happy, and what Lebron wants, Lebron gets.  He wants Chris Bosh, he can get him.  He wants Amare, he can get him.  To me, its all a matter of getting the right PERSON to be the #2 guy on the team.  Dont get me wrong, Kobe is one of the best to ever play the game, but he has always had that other guy.  He was that other guy when Shaq was around and now his other guy is Gasol.  Gasol and Lebron would do crazy things together just like Kobe and Gasol.  Plus Derek Fisher is better than every one on the Cavs except Lebron.  I think Lebron just needs ONE perfect fit #2 like the Lakers have and the championships will come pouring in.  Jordan didnt win his first title til his 7th season and he 3-peated, why is it such a big deal now that Lebron is in the same boat?


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