Draft Day

I remember the day I got drafted.  I sat at the computer, anxious to see my name through the first 2.5 days of the draft.  I skipped playing a round of golf just so I could stay home and watch that screen (I NEVER say no to a round of golf). Then the 32nd round ended and I hadn’t seen my name yet.  I decided to meet up with a few of my friends and go fishing for peacock bass so I could get my mind off the draft.  The entire drive I sat in silence, I didn’t even have the radio on.  I felt disappointed and sad because I thought my baseball career was over.  As soon as I pulled up to my friend’s house I got a phone call from an ex teammate of mine that got drafted in the 10th round by the Toronto Blue Jays, Yan Gomes, congradulating me.  I was pretty confused because this was the first I had heard about it.  Then the phone calls and text messages started pouring in.  I had people calling me that I hadn’t spoken to in 3-4 years.  It is an awesome feeling and I will never forget June 11, 2009 when I was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 35th round, pick #1063.


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